Video Conferencing Systems Tanzania

We offer HD Video Conferencing in Tanzania that connect your entire  Organisation. Video conferencing systems in Tanzania give your business with faster decision making, stronger working partnerships, and productivity. Conferencing systems bring people together in their industries without having to travel. This means meetings can be set up between two or more locations saving both time and money. being heard and understood is the most critical component of any business meeting. Therefore, only the state-of-the-art conferencing systems will meet the needs of today’s standards. Vector Tanzania makes sure that you receive the best possible voice and video communication experience.

Our Video conferencing solutions in Dar es Salaam are the most comprehensive and scalable Telepresence and Video Conference Systems product line in the market. We have good experience designing IP based conferencing solutions from the ground up and includes the powerful combination of hardware-based servers to support media processing for telepresence, room video conference system devices and software video communication servers.

We always propose a video conference system that breaks away from the mold of complicated interactive communications to deliver a total solution offering.

Video Conferencing System Tanzania

Video Conferencing Brands We Deal With..

Vector Tanzania offers you a wide range of high Definition Video Conferencing Systems that redefines your Video Audio Communication Experience. By trusting us as an Efficient Video Conference System Dealer in Tanzania your business can enjoy the best service and product availability. We deal with top brands in video conferencing systems to fulfill your needs. Video conferencing System Brands include Polycom, Avaya, Clearone, Logitech, Lifesize, Cisco, Grandstream, Yealink, and Huawei.

You can Connect anyone-anywhere, by Video Audio Communication, be it your Board Room, Office Laptop, desktops, training/Lecture halls, Hotels, home, and even Airports. We Offer Amazing High Defenition Video Conference System Technology with the flexibility of Use allowing you to connect with fixed installations at any Locations. You can Conduct Room Video Conferencing with Multiple Persons sitting at different Locations in the World with full Clarity and Clear Voice Responses. These Video Conferencing can be Combined with Cloud Video Conferencing Systems that give optimal performance with the power of the cloud.

Polycom Video Conferencing System Tanzania

Polycom Video Conferencing

Polycom provides the best in Video Conferencing solutions, including top of the line hardware. Polycom Video Conferencing system and  other products enable your geographically located workforce ,Clients and Business partners to communicate and collaborate more effectively and productively . Using Polycom telepresence, video conferencing your partners  can connect and collaborate from their desktops, meeting rooms, class rooms and even mobile devices.


Grandstream Video Conferencing System Tanzania

Grandstream Video Conferencing

The Grandstream video conferencing system is a high-end conferencing solution that runs Android 4.4 software, allowing you to use Android apps such as Skype, Hangouts, or any other video conferencing apps available from Google Play.The Grandstream Conferencing is a game-changing video conferencing system that combines the power of SIP, the ease of a plug-and-play platform and telepresence as easy and flexible as ever before.


Clearone Video Conferencing Tanzania

Clearone Video Conferencing System

Clearone is a innovative Video Conferencing system designed for SMB’S to Enterprise customers in a cost effective way.Clear one Video Conferencing offer  superior performance, functionality, ease of use and reliability. Clearone support H.323/SIP and H.460 support to ensure a smooth connectivity to legacy systems.The Spontania Cloud-Based Media Collaboration platform along with Claer one VC Systm make it a perfect solution for any type of any business Video Conferencing applications.


Yealink Video Conferencing System Tanzania

Yealink Video Conferencing System

Yealink offer full HD Video Conferencing System and  and endpoints for Higly productive Business Conferencing. Yealink Video Conferencing Systems are designed with user friendliness in Mind. Yealink offer offering ease-of-use, plug and play, Multiple screen display, content sharing, and much more.Yealink’s intelligent firewall transversal make it easily deployable. With H.323/SIP protocol and advanced packet loss recovery technology Yealink VC offer ultimate user experience via higly productive collaboration.


Avaya Video Conferencing Tanzania

Avaya Video Conferencing System

Avaya Video Conferencing System ,Scopia brings real-time collaboration to Avaya’s video solutions, enabling business and consumer end users to link “islands” of video across the web.Avaya’s Powerful Enterprise Video conferencing Solution Delivers an Exceptional User Experience.Moreover it provides leading, powerful video communications technology that includes immersive telepresence, conference room systems, and desktop applications.Experience crisp, smooth video quality with resolutions up to 1080p/60fps


Huawei Video Conferencing System Tanzania

Huawei Video Conferencing System

Huawei Video Conferencing System takes meetings and conferences into a new level with video conferencing and telepresence products designed for today’s high-speed interaction and decision making. Huawei  offers real-life telepresence experience at lower bandwidth and it combined the best of video, audio and collaboration technologies.With SEC (super error concealment ) and IRC (intelligent rate control ) technology, huawei able to keep good video quality even if there are significant  low bandwidth.


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Video Conferencing System Installation in Dar es Salaam

Video conferencing has really provided great impact to the business world. Aside from breaking the barriers between time and distance, this innovation also cuts the cost of travel needed to meet business partners. Video conference is a tool that increases the profitability of your company. As it saves time and money, it also increases team communications and knowledge collaborations. When it come to professional installation of Video Conferencing System in Tanzania you need a Good company you can relay on. We are hear to help your Business. With wide range of solutions and highly skilled engineers we can support your business to achieve this. We serve business across Dar es Salaam and Tanzania.