Solar System for Home Kerala  – Kochi, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Malappuram, Kollam, Alappuzha, Idukki

VDS offers a professional solar system for home and offices in Kerala through our office in Kochin, Ernakulam.Solar Power is one of the primary means for alternative energy. With solar power system for home,  you can secure predictable electricity costs for years to come.Solar energy generated by converting energy in sunlight.It is converted to electricity with the help of solar panels.Solar panels are flat panels typically installed on the rooftop and made up of many individual solar cells. Solar Energy is the cleanest and cheapest source of renewable energy for home and business.When you decided for a solar system, you are not only saving a lot of money on electricity bill but also joining the clean energy revolution.

Our goal is not limited to reduce your electricity bill. Instead completely offline from the grid and run on Solar Power. Yo may keep the electrical connection as a backup only. Most of the thinks their heavy appliances like Fridge, Motor or Air Conditions will not work on Solar Energy. Solar Technology advance in a such a way that Entire Airport is running under Solar Power System in Kochi.We have the technical expertise and knowledge to understand your requirement and offer comprehensive Solar System for Home.

Types Of Solar Systems for Home

Solar System for Save MoneyBased on applications Solar Power Systems are divided into multiple categories.That is on Grid Solar Systems and Off Grid Solar System.See Below to Understand More.

OnGrid Solar Systems

In this type of Solar System, there is backup battery involved. The Solar System supplies the power generated to the grid. You have to pay the Electricity Company, the difference amount of your generated power and the total used power from the grid.The Main Disadvantage of this kind of setup is you are vulnerable to frequent power cuts in Kerala. Because there is no backup system involved in this kind of Solar System for home.

OffGrid Solar System for Home

This is one of the popular solar systems in Kerala because this system either reduce your electricity bill or eliminate your electricity bill and at the same time give you protection from the frequent power cuts.In Off Grid Solar system the generated power can store in the battery and run your load directly from solar panel when there is enough sunlight available.

How much I Save with  Solar Power System

The Total Energy generated by the solar system based on their rating is entirely depend on three Factors.

  • Quality of The Equipment
  • Proper Design of The Solar System
  • Operation and Maintenance.

We offer solar systems completely based on industry standard Products with high efficiency. We use either Mono Crystalline or Poly Crystalline Solar Panels based on the customer sunlight availability. Our experience IN  Solar Systems make sure you have available solar power throughout the year.Even the Rainy monsoon time in Kerala.We are capable of designing your Home Solar system that can run your home without an electricity connection from K.S.E.B. The Solar System for Home having a long life typically 20 to 25 years. When you’re investing in Solar System, You are saving for tomorrow.

Trusted Solar Panels for Your Solar System

We carry Panasonic and LG Solar Panels to choose for you Home Solar System. Panasonic and Lg Solar Panels known in the industry as reliable solar panels.

Panasonic Solar Panels

Pnasonic Solar PanelsPanasonic is a renowned brand that will give you a reliable guarantee which you can trust.Panasonic is in Solar business for 40 years, providing high efficiency and high-quality solar panels for 17 years. With so many years of experience, Panasonic’s corporate goal is to provide durable, efficient and high-performance products to its customers.Panasonic unique technology makes Panasonic Solar Panels durable, effective and high performance.

Lg Solar Panels

Lg Solar Panels KeralaMore than 50 years in pioneering electronics industry LG is recently starting offering Gigh Quality Solar Panels. Lg’s new invention in solar technology which improves performance and reliability.LG’s powerful solar modules used for residential roofs, commercial, and utility projects. LG’s efforts to increase customer’s values beyond efficiency makes the best Solar products available customers in Indian Market.

Solar System Design and Installation

We have a highly skilled Technical Team to understand each client’s unique requirements implement the Solar System for Home in a cost effective way.We offer high quality technologically advanced Solar System Solutions for Homes across Kerala. We never imagine anything. We use appropriate testing tools to measure your actual power requirements and Sunlight in your location. It will make sure you will get the real power required and never overspend on something you actually don’t want.The proper testing of the site and good design dramatically reduce the Solar System cost even you use the highest standard products.