Backoffice Business Center in India for Dar es Salaam Business

There are different concepts of the back office business services in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. Most of the cases ended up in call center contracts. What we offer is an entirely new concept. We build your office with Mon power and all the required amenities. You can hire your employees, or we help you hire expert employees based on your business line. We create Virtual reality in that you can see the employees and talk to the employees any time you want. Controlling the employees and Employee Interactions are the main challenges of back office. You never get the feeling it’s your team. Think about if we provide a back office and employees just like they are sitting in your next room as your existing employees does. We are not providing any crappy video call software to contact your employees. Instead, we offer them on your Large TV right in front of you with Audio. You can see them and hear the same as you are interacting with your existing team.

We believe employees are the main assets of a business. Most of the business owners were never comfortable with the employees they really don’t own. You may be holding back concerns related to Data Security, Service Level quality, Inability to integrate with your Existing System and most importantly Loss of Control. In simple words, our offering to a business owner is the confidence he/ she looking for. We provide all the tools to make the remote employee working right in front of you. Instead of dealing with some unknown person sitting somewhere else, you can deal with your own team . Empower them to match your business interests. We offer back office Business Centers for Clients from, Kuwait, Dar es Salaam, Oman, and Bahrain.

It’s not Just Call Center. We are talking about Your own Team

We are talking about adding innovative Brains to your team without spending a Lot. At the same time, we offer an ecosystem that can help the back office team to be completely integrated with your system. We will take care of all of the local regulatory headaches so that you can concentrate on your business. It will give you flexibility and speed to respond to market realities. Our Back office Business centers are best matched for SMB Business Customers.

Features of our Plug & Play back-office business services in India

  • Live View Of Employees on HD TV
  • Live View of your main office team in front of employees on HD TV
  • Phone System Integration
  • Video Conferencing Support -Meet your Team from anywhere or from Any device even you are on the move.
  • Solar Powered Back Up Power Supply
  • Backup unlimited Inter
  • Employee Performance Monitoring including System Screenshots. Live and Back up
  • Strictly Monitored Systems for Data Leakage.
  • Air Conditioned Office

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Our Current Back office Offers

Cochin, Aluva

Ready to Move in 18 Seater Back office currently available in Cochin [India]. The office equipped with energy efficient Inverter AC and Solar power System. The Solar power system can full fill most of the power requirements. Dual Internet connections [ 50 MBPS Speed ]  are available in this office, and a third backup of the 4G Internet also created. All the seats offered with IP Telephones and we can provide integration between your current telephone system.  The Telephone integration enables all the remote employees to be available as local extensions of your office telephone system. The office also monitored with CCTV, and the live feed can be provided on one or two LED/ LCD Screens anywhere in the world. Video Conferencing System also available in this office. The Video Conferencing enables You to interact with remote employees or Schedule meetings from your office or  Mobile Device.


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Our Current Offers

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